Preparing Your Home

Detach Yourself

Preparing a house for sale is a strategy that requires careful planning.

If you want your home to sell quickly, and at top price, ensuring that you prepare your house successfully will make all the difference. Selling your home is an art. Your realtor will help you determine how to make your house marketable and increase its irresistibility.

Before listing your home for sale, here are few helpful steps to take:

Detach Yourself from Your Home

This preliminary step is very important, especially if you have many memories in the home and have difficulty letting go. Give yourself as much time as you need before listing the house to say goodbye and tell yourself that it is no longer your home, just a house. When you mentally let go and look forward to creating a new home, you will be able to emotionally move on and deal with the next several steps in selling your home.

Get Rid of Clutter

The next most important step to preparing your house for sale is eliminating clutter. An impressive house is a clean house. Avoid turning away potential buyers because of a mess or pile of junk on kitchen counters, bookshelves or overstuffed closets. While you are cleaning, decide if you have used each item within the past year. If not, it most likely isn’t necessary and can be discarded or donated.

Organize Closets and Cabinets

Potential buyers can’t help snooping around. They will most likely look in cabinets and closets, so make sure that the items inside are organized, alphabetized or neatly stacked. This gives a good impression and reflects a desirable way of living, giving your house bonus points.

Pack Your Personal Items

Not only will this help you detach from the house and get a head start on packing, but it also is an advantage for a successful sale. The first thought a buyer will have while looking at a house is if they can visualize themselves living there. If you have family photos on the walls and your unique collections adorning the room, they will associate it as someone’s house and not their potential new home.

Give the House a Makeover

Everybody wants to purchase a dream home. And dream homes are usually picture perfect. This means you will need to make repairs. It may be troublesome, but it will be worth the effort. You can make it stand out from competing houses by cleaning, scrubbing and polishing the inside of the house. You can also check the curb appeal by mowing the lawn, painting, raking leaves, etc.

Preparing your house properly takes effort, but if you are willing to follow these steps, your house will shine. Ensure that your house has a better chance of making the sale you want with guidance from an experienced real estate agent. Contact Tony Puma to learn more today.

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