Market Analysis

Examining the market

A real estate market analysis is a list of prices of comparable houses
that sold in the same area as yours.

If selling your home at the best market value price possible is your goal, having a real estate agent to do a market analysis will be helpful tool. A market analysis creates a list of recently sold properties similar to yours, so you have an idea of what price to sell your home.

Examining the recent market analysis is also beneficial if you are interested in buying a house. This will help you know what a fair sale price and offer should be. Since no property is the same, realtors will make adjustments to determine a fair price for real estate transactions.

Because there are many options to consider, your realtor will use a comparative market analysis to help determine the real value of the property you wish to acquire. Basically, it is like comparison shopping and is estimated by the house’s main features such as:

  • Home and lot square footage
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms

Whether you are ready to put your house for sale or are on a home search to buy a home, determining home values based on the comparative market will give you a better idea of what the homes in your area are currently selling for.

A knowledgeable real estate agent will be a great asset in making the most out of your real estate endeavors. Tony Puma is experienced with South Bay real estate listings, market values and prices. Ensure that you know the value of your home by contacting our experts today!

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