Giving Back

Dedicated real estate agent

Tony Puma cares about the South Bay community and
is proud to participate in local charities and events.

These are the charitable operations Tony has had the pleasure of being involved with.

West Coast Sports Medicine Foundation

This foundation helps subsidize insurance and medical care for high school sports, that wouldn’t otherwise be able to play without care. With interscholastic sports their mission is to promote a positive impact in students lives including:

  • Building relationships
  • Teaching valuable lessons
  • Encouraging understanding and cooperation
  • Promoting team work
  • Enhancing equal opportunities
  • Setting goals
  • Accomplishing challenges

Give Back Homes

Tony Puma is proud to be among the real estate agents who aim to create a change in others lives. By selling and buying homes, this organization helps build homes for the homeless in third world countries.

Palos Verdes Education Foundation

This foundation raises money and uses the funding to help support the continuation of excellence in Palos Verdes school district.

Manhattan Beach Education Foundation

This foundation is a non-profit corporation that has proudly developed over the years. It now funds over five million dollars in crucial education programs. These grants help pay for:

  • Over 70 educators
  • Librarians
  • Classrooms
  • Science and reading enrichment

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