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How To Sell Your House Quicker in 5 Simple Steps

fresh lemonad in the jug and on a table

Summer is a busy time for real estate. If you are ready to join the large majority of sellers this summer and capitalize on the hot market, make sure you know what to expect when it comes to listing your home with a realtor. Take a look at some of our tips below for selling your home this summer.

Market Your Real Estate Listings

After your real estate agent helps you list your home for sale, they will assist you with marketing it. Setting up a “house for sale” sign is a good start, but it’s definitely not the only step. Successfully marketing your house will increase the amount of visitors you receive and improve your chances that it will be sold quicker. When you start thinking about marketing your home, an experienced realtor will give you insightful tips to incorporate interior design for a sleek, attractive environment. You may also want to invest in professional photography to show the house off in the best light. Before you tackle a marketing plan with your realtor, be sure to finish a checklist of preparations such as:

  • Fixing minor repairs
  • Cleaning and getting rid of clutter
  • Remodeling certain areas that need it
  • Packing all personal items
  • Organizing closets and cabinets

Maintain Curb Appeal

When the weather gets hot, it is more difficult to keep your plants and lawn looking fresh and green. If you want to water less, look into a new landscape design that is low maintenance, such as adding succulents that require less watering. Or install a sprinkler system if you don’t have time to water or hire a gardener to pull weeds. Because the appearance of your home’s exterior is the first thing potential buyers see, it is always a huge selling point. When it comes to selling, your home’s first impression really does matter.

Provide Treats for Potential Buyers

In the heat of the summer, people visiting open houses can get tired, weary or irritable. If they have looked through several homes before yours, make yours stand out by offering refreshments such as lemonade or pitchers of water. A cool drink is always appreciated and makes an impact on their overall experience viewing your home. If you really want to step it up a notch, providing fresh baked cookies or other treats will really impress. The longer you can get people to stay, the more they may become inclined to buy your home.

Cool It Down

If the day of your open house happens to be really warm, make sure to keep it cool inside with air conditioner (if you have it), or use fans. Guests will enjoy staying cool and may even hang out longer inside the house just to avoid the heat! This can work to your advantage, as they may become more emotionally attached to the house.

Highlight Seasonal Features

If you are selling this summer, make sure your house sells quickly by spotlighting certain summer features such as your pool, outdoor areas like a deck or patio, landscaping, etc. Spruce up these features, keep them clean and appealing, and your home will rise to the top of potential buyer’s lists.

We hope these tips help you sell your home quickly this summer! If you have any questions about listing or selling your home, we’d be happy to help.