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How to Find a Real Estate Agent

Tony Puma


Securing an experienced realtor is essentially the first step in your real estate endeavors. Let’s face it: it’s tough buying or selling a home in a competitive market. To make the most out of marketing your house for sale and taking advantage of strategic home buying, being informed about home values, comparable market values, and real estate listings is crucial.

Because this process may be overwhelming for those who aren’t experienced or up-to-date with the current real estate market, finding a seasoned realtor to help you navigate your home selling and buying endeavors is absolutely beneficial.

Why Do I Need a Real Estate Agent?

Selling and buying a home is a huge financial commitment and investment. Even if you have sold a home before, looking into market trends, procedures and other real estate news is a part of a real estate agent’s daily routine. They will help you understand the process and provide useful advice, especially for first time homebuyers. Benefits of having a realtor include:

  • A realtor is your advocate for helping you achieve your goals
  • A realtor is experienced with negotiations, sale terms and documents
  • A realtor will give you an unbiased opinion if you become emotionally attached to a property
  • A realtor will ensure you are confident about your decision and that all necessary appraisals and home inspections are taken care of

Qualities to look for in a successful realtor:


One of the first characteristics that you will notice when speaking with your agent is their ability to communicate clearly with you. You want to make sure that your realtor is able to keep you informed about the process and MLS listings. They should be able to answer your questions, as well as listen to your concerns and opinions. A good realtor is client-driven and makes it a priority to be proactive in learning what their clients’ needs and wants are.


Does the real estate agent you are researching have skills in home selling or buying? Find out if they are knowledgeable about financing, negotiations and marketing.


When you are selling or buying a home, having a realtor who is honest with you about the market, value, prices and more should be a deciding factor. A realtor with integrity puts their client’s interests before their own. If a real estate agent gives you false information about pricing that is unrealistic, it will only set you up for failure. Knowing real statistics and having a current market analysis will ensure that your property will sell in a timely manner.

Local Expertise

Is the real estate agent you’re working with familiar with the local market? A realtor who has worked in the area will know about the market, schools, neighborhoods, local economy and much more. This will be a great advantage to you in choosing a location that fits your preference and needs.

Referrals and Testimonials

Realtors who are happy to give you a list of previous clients are more credible. Speaking with people who have worked with the realtor, or reading testimonials will give you a better idea of how the realtor operates and what to expect.

Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent

Questions for your prospective real estate agent should include how they plan to market your home. If they are familiar with the local market, they will know features and characteristics that a home needs in order sell, such as a pool or a newly remodeled kitchen, etc.

Because communication is crucial, another question to ask your realtor is what the process of selling your home or buying a house will look like and how they plan to keep you updated and informed.

A seasoned real estate agent understands the daily procedures and issues that may arise, which is why communicating with your agent is key. Because your real estate transactions are important, ensure that your realtor can assist you with seeing the big picture. They will help you take the right steps to accomplish your real estate goals.