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5 Top Benefits Of Home Buying This Upcoming Season

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Why Home Buying Is Best In The Colder Months

Are you ready to move? Maybe you wanted to move this summer, but didn’t get around to it or couldn’t find the right home at the right price. Or maybe you were waiting until the fall, which is wise. While most people move during the Spring or Summer, Fall and Winter can be the best time to move. If you’re considering moving this cool season, take a look at 5 benefits of moving in the Fall or Winter below.

1. Lower Prices

Because most people move in the Spring and Summer and fewer people move in Fall/Winter, home prices may be lower, especially in November and December. An advantage of home buying in the cooler seasons is that homeowners who didn’t sell in the summer may be willing to lower the price to get their home sold.

2. Fewer Competitors

Another great aspect to home buying in the cooler seasons is that there are typically fewer buyers, which means less competition when you want to buy your dream house! While you can get stuck in bidding wars in the mid Summer, it may not happen during the Fall. And your realtor will be your advocate to find the best deals.

3. Fewer Multiple Offers On Your Preferred House

Of course, when there is less competition, the advantage is that there are better chances that you won’t have to compete with numerous offers on the house you want.

3. Home For The Holidays

If you purchase your home in the all, you can be settled in before Thanksgiving and Christmas roll around. And, if you wait until the beginning of next year, you will be able to move in before Easter comes around.

4. Sellers Are More Motivated

Another reason buying may be better during the Fall and Winter months is that people who want to sell are more motivated. Because it is a slow season, more often than not sellers are willing to negotiate. While many people don’t sell during the Winter and wait until Spring, there are those who have to sell due to a new job, financial trouble, divorce, etc. When there is that need to sell quickly, it gives the homebuyer an advantage.

5. Your Real Estate Agent Works As Your Advocate

While your realtor will always provide the best service possible, he or she will be able to provide you with even more of their time and attention during the slower times in Fall/Winter than during the busy times in Spring/Summer.

We hope that your house hunting goes well this Fall. Of course if you need additional tips, advice or have any questions about home buying, simply contact us and we will be pleased to help you find what you’re looking for.