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5 Tips For Selling Your House This Summer

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If you’re considering selling your house, now is the best time to do it. Prices are through the roof. Because the real estate market is booming right now, home values are increasing significantly.

Why Sell Now?

When the interest rate increases, it means that home will become more expensive. This is good news for sellers. If you’re looking for the best time for home values to increase, it’s now. Once you have decided to sell, there are few steps you can take to help make sure that it sells quickly. Because homes cost more you will need to ensure that you’re doing your best to market it and increase its value.

Your House Won’t Sell Itself

Just because the market is hot right now doesn’t meant that your house will sell itself. If your home doesn’t sell within a few weeks after being listed, it can look bad. You don’t want buyers to see your home as market-worn. So there are few steps you need to take to help your home sell quickly.

1. The Price Is Right

Determining the best price to list can be difficult. An experienced realtor who understands the latest market can help you. By obtaining a home valuation, and a market analysis, a real estate agent will know the right price to set for selling your home. Setting prices too high or unrealistic may cause more harm to your real estate effort than you realize.

2. Preparing For An Open House

If you are preparing your home for an open house, be sure to take a look at the checklist below. We understand that it can be easy to forget certain details. This can happen because of stress or inexperience. Preparing your home for sale and increasing its value will include:

  • Detaching yourself
  • Getting rid of clutter
  • Deep cleaning
  • Organizing closets and cabinets
  • Packing your personal items
  • Remodeling or rearranging furniture
  • Painting the rooms
  • Enhancing the exterior
  • Taking any pets out of the house
  • Upgrading your kitchen

A few last tidbits before you have an open house:

3. Staging Your Home

People want to buy a home, not an empty space. If you can stage your house to look inviting and desirable, this will help buyers imagine living there.

4. Ensure Security

Make sure to lock up or move your valuables to a secure location. Get rid of any prescription drugs or alcohol. You never know when someone may try to steal these items. Also make sure that your remotes and keys to the doors or garages are hidden. Lastly, check all windows and doors to make sure they are locked at the end of every open house.

5. Marketing Your Home

This step may seem similar to preparing your home, but it is very different. Once your home is prepared and ready to go, marketing is what will get your results. You have to give visitors the pretty package to entice them to buy. If you are unsure of how to do this here are a few examples:

  • Professional photographs, video marketing or a virtual tour
  • Signage
  • Internet listings

We hope these tips help your home selling process more efficient and less stressful. As always, we would be more than happy to answer any of your real estate questions.