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10 Top Things To Remember When Viewing Properties For Sale

Family Standing in Front Of House Purchased From Realtor

Questions To Ask When Viewing Properties For Sale

Are you ready to buy a house? To help you prepare for your home search, we have come up with a few helpful questions that you can ask while looking at properties for sale.

1. Where is it located?

This is one of the first things that people who are searching for properties look at, and for a good reason too. Where you live is important. Is it close to your work? Does it have the schools you want? What is the environment and culture like of that city or town? While you can always change your house’s appearance and make improvements, you can’t change the location it’s in, which is why this is typically the number one priority.

2. Is the home structurally sound?

Sometimes you won’t be able to tell if a home is structurally sound until you get a home inspection. Yet, there are a few things you can look for such as cracks or if the walls are bowing.

3. What is the indoor-outdoor flow?

Do you have kids or like entertaining in your backyard? If it’s important to you, be sure that the home you’re looking at has easy indoor and outdoor access from the main living area. French doors or sliding glass doors are ideal options for a transitional flow.

4. How old is the roof?

Re-roofing can be expensive. They have a life expectancy of 15-20 years, so this may be something you will want to look at and determine the condition of.

5. How much storage space?

This is something that is often overlooked. Whether you have a big family or are starting a family, you will need storage space. Is there an adequate amount of storage in the attic? What about closets or a garage?

6. What are the sizes of rooms?

Do you have a big family or like to have extra space? Check to see if the home you’re looking at has rooms that are the right size for you. Imagine your furniture, clothes, etc., inside the room to help you get a better idea if the room’s size is ideal for you.

7. What are the home’s elements?

There is more to a home than it’s location and size. Is it located on a hill? Are there a lot of stairs? Does it have a backyard or a pool? What about a safe driveway or is it on a busy street? These are elements you will want to consider before purchasing a home. For example, if you want a home that’s safe for kids and pets, you may want a home that’s in a secluded residential area, or if you have an older relative living with you, you may not want a home with stairs.

8. What is the curb appeal like?

Curb appeal makes a difference in not only the value of the home, but also how it reflects your lifestyle. Homes come in various styles from Tudor, to Victorian, to Contemporary and more. With these styles come different materials from brick, to stone, etc.

9. Is the plumbing up to date?

This is another factor that can cost a lot of money if there are issues with the plumbing. Be sure to have a home inspection, so that you can determine if the plumbing system is working properly or if it will need repair.

10. What are your deal breakers?

It’s important to understand what your deal breakers are before looking at properties. Is the number of rooms a big deal for you? Or perhaps you want a newer home that won’t need to be fixed up. Make a list of those priorities so that you know what to expect when looking for your dream home.